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5 Ways To Tell If You Have A Bad Personal Trainer

Reasons why you have a Bad Personal TrainerIn the never-ending quest towards fitness, a little guidance and encouragement can be a huge help. That’s exactly what a great personal trainer can provide. But not all PTs are created equal. In fact, many trainers are frighteningly under-certified and under-experienced. Beware of these 5 personal trainer warning signs.

1. Your trainer pressures you to purchase vitamins and supplements.

You deal with it at your barber or hairstylist: shelves of overpriced hair products subtly suggested each time you get you coiffure maintenanced. But that’s only once every month or two. When you’re spending a couple days a week with a trainer, the last thing you need is pressure to spend more money on the latest fitness formula. You’ll discover this a lot in the huge gym franchises because the trainers themselves are getting pressure from their bosses. Still, it’s not something you need to deal with. Sure, your trainer can and should make recommendations if necessary, but the hard sell is obnoxious.

2. Your trainer does anything besides train you.

That means no daydreaming while their spotting you. That means no scoping out eye candy across the room. That means no phone calls. That means no chit chat with other trainers. You’re spending good money, and you deserve complete and undivided attention.

3. Your trainer doesn’t keep records.

This is a big one. Simply put: a good trainer will keep track of everything. Your trainer should be toting a clipboard and jotting down what exercises you did, how much weight you lifted, how many reps/sets you did and how your measurements are changing. Like a chef developing a brand new recipe, if you don’t know what’s working and what’s not, how will you get the best results?

4. Your trainer uses cookie-cutter workout plans.

Everybody is different, so is every body. Some of us are shorter, taller, fatter, leaner, more flexible or stiffer than our fellow fitness hopefuls. Thus, every workout plan needs to be specifically tailored for the individual. If your trainer immediately prescribes a regiment without getting to know the specifics of you and your body, it is time to find a new trainer. At 75-plus dollars an hour, it is not too much to ask that your trainer design a workout program just for you.

5. Your trainer disrespects the non-personally trained

Not everyone needs a personal trainer. There is plenty of room at the gym for everyone, including those who aren’t paying a professional. If your trainer insists that you bogart multiple machines or weights at one time, limiting what’s available to others, chances are that disrespect will eventually trickle down to you. Of all people, someone who works in a gym should know proper gym etiquette.

There is absolutely no reason you should put up with a less-than-awesome personal trainer. If that guy or gal you’re paying to push you to the next level of fitness isn’t the right fit, find someone else. There are plenty of great ones out there.

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