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Winter Boots and Your Feet

As the cold, snowy weather approaches, it is important to have and wear good snow boots.  Snow boots should have two goals:  protecting the feet from the cold weather and protecting the feet from slippery surfaces.  However, it is also important that snow boots offer support and cushioning to the feet.  Many people report to my office during the winter months because they have new foot pain from boots that are not supportive.

The cold and wet weather can cause injuries such as frostbite, and people with certain conditions, such as peripheral vascular and autoimmune diseases, various arthrities, cancer, diabetes, and other diseases  are more predisposed to these issues.  Homeless patients are also at very high risk for developing frostbite.  Boots should have warm linings to insulate the feet and must be made of waterproof material, so slush, rain, and snow do not soak through.  When looking for boots, it is important to inspect the bottom of the boots to make sure that the soles provide traction.  Many people slip on ice and snow during the winter months, and this can cause fractures, sprains, and other serious injuries.

Finally, from a podiatric perspective, it is essential that the boots provide adequate support to the feet.  Each year
during the cold months of the year, people irritate the feet by wearing boots that are not stable and supportive.  The boots should have some arch support and cushioning on the bottom.  They should not be flexible and bendable at the ankle
or around the heels.  Patients can develop heel pain, plantar fasciitis, tendontitis, stress fractures, and other conditions by wearing boots that are not good for their feet.

Happy Holidays, and remember to keep your feet safe during the winter by wearing boots that are protective and supportive!

Dr. Bender is a podiatrist at Advanced
Physical Medicine.  She works out of the Oak Park and 63rd Street offices.  Dr.
Bender is also a clinical instructor at William Scholl College of Podiatric
Medicine.  Call 708-763-0580 or 773-776-3166 for your appointment.

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