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How to Prevent the Flu

Winter is the season where the young and the elderly are prone to catching the flu. It all starts with the sniffles but some of these sniffles then lead to coughing attacks, chest infections and the severe flu; where the aches and pains in the joints hurt badly and you are unable to get out of bed and move. If you want to avoid the winter blues you may want to get the Influenza vaccine otherwise known as the flu shot or stock up on a healthy vitamin diet which will help fight the flu.

Benefits of The Influenza Vaccine

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If you do not take care of the flu early on it can become deadly. Did you know that Influenza is one of the most serious diseases out there, if the immune system shuts down so will your health, it can also go on to attack specific areas of the body and is known to attack the hair follicles causing Alopecia hair loss. Many people over the winter period head straight to the doctors and hospitals but the wait to be seen can be extensively long, so find a way to be treated early on so you can avoid such problems.

The healthiest person can get sick because influenza spreads, if you are coughing or sneezing make sure you cover up these areas with a tissue so you do not spread germs. During a normal flu season it is estimated that 90 percent of deaths hit those who are 65 years plus. This is a high percentage for the elderly and so it is recommended that they obtain the Influenza vaccine to protect themselves. Flu viruses spread quickly so be careful; think about the benefits from obtaining a flu shot as it will eliminate the bacteria’s that spread quickly.

The benefit of having these vaccines through a shot or nasal-spray flu vaccine otherwise known as LAIV is it will cause antibodies. Antibodies occur within the body around two weeks once you have had the vaccine, this then provides the protection needed against the infections.

The flu shot benefits those of all ages, from a baby who is 6 months plus to those over 65, the flu vaccine will help eliminate the flu. It is recommended that those who suffer from medical conditions such as diabetes, asthma, cancer or chronic lung heart and liver diseases should seek this flu prevention option quickly. Pregnant women should have this as one of their priorities and the elderly too.

Healthy Foods That Beat The Flu

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If you are not considering the flu jab then at least stock up on a healthy batch of fruit and vegetables. Vitamin C is vitally important to have in your diet as it prevents colds and helps limit physical stress which runs down a person’s health. The best fresh fruits you will find vitamin C in is blackcurrants, kiwi, strawberries, green broccoli and cauliflower. In addition many citrus fruits are full of vitamin C so if you are having a hot drink then slice up a lemon or lime and drop it in as this will give your drink a vitamin boost.

Be sure to protect your health this winter.

Author: Jeanna H recovered from Alopecia areata and the flu. Keep up to date with her hair loss advice and find out how she recovered from a chest infection that led to Alopecia hair loss.

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