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Sweat before Sunrise

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Early Morning Workouts

Many people end up avoiding their workouts if they do not have a set time to do them. It is much easier to skip a workout in the afternoon or evening if something more important comes up like a social event or even something as simple as staying on the couch and watching TV. In order to make sure the work out gets done it makes sense to schedule it when nothing else important is happening. A very early morning workout can be done when nothing else is happening so it is easy to stick to it without feeling like the time is being sacrificed for something else. When a time is scheduled every day or a few days a week to get the workout done it is also easier to stick to it. As soon as that alarm goes off it is important to get out of bed and do the work out. It will be easier to fall into a routine the more the workout is done. Soon the body will wake up on it's own without an alarm, and early morning exercise will be easier.

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Advantages of the AM Workout

Another great aspect of an early morning workout is that if it is done outdoors, the workout can be done before the sunshine begins beating down. It can be hard to complete an outdoor workout in the hot weather because it can be so hot that the body feels overheated and stressed. The cooler air of the early morning makes it easier to engage in more intense outdoor exercise without overheating.

Working out in the morning has also shown to increase energy levels throughout the day. When the body feels tired one of the best things to increase your energy is to do a quick and energizing workout. A person who has trouble waking up in the morning may really benefit from an early morning workout because it can jump start their energy levels and make them more alert through the morning and the rest of the day.

Another great thing about an early morning workout outdoors or in the gym is that there is much less traffic and activity at that hour of the day. If you workout out at the gym there will be few people waiting around for machines or equipment since the gym will be much less crowded. If you are running on the road, you will not have to share the road with afternoon traffic.

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