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Five Great Ways to Live a Healthy and Happy Life

We all want to feel good and happy, and there’s no magic rule for everyone. It just comes down to our commitment to living a healthy lifestyle - maintaining positive attitude, exercising, and building up your fitness helps you keep up with the pace and demands of modern life.

Maintain positive thinking

The power of positive thinking helps you overcome obstacles.  Set a goal that you can reach gradually and give yourself a self-motivating talk even though challenges get in your way. Once you’ve reached your targets of each phase, no matter how small they are, make sure you reward yourself for getting there.  This will help maintain your motivation and positive thinking attitude.

Eat fruits and vegetables of different colours

Fruits and vegetables are critical to promoting good health.  In particular, eating fruits and vegetables of different colours gives your body a wide range of valuable and essential nutrients, like fibre, minerals, vitamins A and vitamins C.  Make sure you also try new fruits and vegetables regularly to get a healthy variety.

Make exercise a habit

We are all living busy lives, leaving exercise at the bottom of our-to-do list.  Not that we don’t know how important exercising is to us.  It just comes down to the challenges of having too much things to do in little time each day.  Very often, people think that a run or a workout at gym occupies too much of their time. If you just adjust slightly your daily routine by getting up earlier or taking a little bit lunchtime walking, you’ll make a difference to your life.  If you’d like to get some discipline at first, why not consider enrolling in a fitness course? Pace your condition and do whatever you can, even though it is just for 15 minutes.  What matter is that you make a slight change of your life pattern to fit exercise into your life and make it a habit!

Maintain the balance

Stay connected with our friends, clients or peers via social media has become part of most people’s daily routine – Twitter, blogging, Facebook and Pinterest.  However, we are very often too obsessed with social media and technology, working too hard on our brains. Don’t let that connectedness and engagement “hijack” our other hobbies or even our precious sleeping time.  After all, it’s a balancing act.

Learn to slow down

We have limited time and amount of energy in a day. It is salient for us to practise slowing down so as to experience the joy of a more relaxed way of life.  How about not rushing your lunch at work, watching your favourite TV programs after work, having a cup of herbal tea to calm you down at night, reading books or simply lying on your sofa for a good rest during weekends?  Allow yourself to do the stuff you like to do each day and you’ll feel rejuvenated on your mental state.

I hope the above tips will positively affect some facets of your life, leading you to functioning at your best.  You’ll feel happy, healthy, energized, and more confident on how you approach your personal and work situations.  What’s more, those around you will be imbued with your positive energy.


Sarah paige is a freelance writer who is interested in health and wellbeing.  She is researching fitness courses and hopes to get her certificate iv in fitness in not distant future.


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