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Top 10 Fitness Blogs to Bookmark in 2011

Working out in order to maintain a well conditioned body and physical appearance is important for overall health.  Many people have taken to the internet in order to share their tips and experiences with one another via fitness blogs.  Ordinary people, fitness gurus, runners, marathon participants, swimmers, gym enthusiasts all come together on the internet and have their voices heard.  Here are some of the top fitness blogs from 2010 that you should watch for in 2011.

1. Toni, Ashley, and Stacey run this fun blog that issues fitness challenges, shows workout images, shows running fashion/gear, gives advice on good workout songs to get you moving, and shows the journey of women who want to get healthy and in shape.

2. Ross Enamait is the brains and brawn behind this manly fitness site.  Bulk up and make those muscles swell with his techniques and videos.  He has a background of training athletes for events and personal training, so his content rich site specializes in making videos and posts showing him training people and using the techniques that he speaks of and showing that he lives the life that he is promoting (a healthy, athletic life).

3. Fitness pro Sarah Rippel is a personal trainer with a toned, buff yet feminine body who showcases ab workouts, videos, pictures and more on her totally fitness addicted blog.  She has a true passion for getting in shape that shows through her writing and workouts, the excitement for honing out a terrific shape is all too present!

4. Ben has lost an astonishing 120 pounds after making a promise to his grandmother to get his life and body in order.  The blog shows his love for fitness, weightloss journey, and how he’s gone on to run marathons and even complete an Ironman.  Ben Does Life and you can keep up with him!

5. Follow the personal journey of Syl, who has run her way from 220 pounds to 142 pounds!  Two pregnancies caused her to gain weight to what she’s always considered a “chubby” frame at 160 pounds 5’4” and one day just got tired so she took off running in the middle of winter and hasn’t looked back.  Check out her fitness tips, marathon updates, and down to earth life updates.

6. Carla Birnberg is a personal trainer and bodybuilder who has shared her fitness techniques on her popular website since 2007.  Her posts show how to get the kids and any partners involved with working out, how to maintain a great figure, and her daily regimen served up with a great sense of humor and self.

7. This is THE fitness blog to know, with tons of tips and informative articles done in a no-nonsense approach.  Learn correct form, important nutrional information, healthy weight plans, and amazing fitness techniques from the fitness brain of Brad Schoenfeld.

8. Tricia whittled her body down from a size 24 to a 4 by becoming conscious of the proportions of her food and learning to love to run.  She showcases her running tips, marathons, along with the adorable progress that she makes with her 3 year old son and teaching him to love running.  He’s even done marathons too!

9. Being a mom doesn’t have to get in the way of having a fit, toned body and Lisa who is a mommy/personal trainer helps women to fit in fitness along with healthy eating and maintaining a balanced life through the hectic happenings of having children.  Get gadget reviews, workout tips, and healthy recipes from Lisa.

10. 22 year old Katie has lost 50 pounds and maintains that loss with healthy eating and a love of exercise that she showcases on her blog.  The blog shows her races and the buildup/training that precedes each race along with yummy foods/recipes meant to nourish and fuel the body while tasting good.

Whether you are a buff already and looking to communicate with other fitness fans or a newbie that wants to lose some weight, there are fitness blogs catering to many different age ranges and fitness levels.  Hopefully these help you on your search for good fitness reading material!

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