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Benefits of Good Posture and How to Get It

It is amazing what simply sitting up straight can do for your health! Taking a few seconds to properly position your shoulders over your pelvis is so easy—and with so many benefits—there is no excuse not to!

Benefit 1 - Health

Good posture is important in the prevention of neck and back pain and injuries. You will reduce strain on your joints and muscles that may suffer as you hold your body in an unnatural position. Slipped discs and strained muscles can be extremely painful, so do your best to avoid them.

Benefit 2 - Health

Did you know you can’t breathe as deeply if you slouch? Sitting up straight allows for your lungs to fully expand, increasing air flow. Improved air flow contributes to higher body and brain function, which is important in all aspects of life.

Benefit 3 - Health

You will improve your fitness level with good posture, as proper posture prevents worn joints that fatigue. You will recover more quickly and breathe better, as well, all important factors in an athletic body.

Benefit 4 - Health

Prolonged slouching can cause your spine to settle into a hunched or otherwise crooked position. This could require more serious repairs, like surgery.

Benefit 4 - Looks

By standing or sitting up straight, you improve the impression people get from you. Research shows that people who stand up at  full height appear more attractive, confident and capable to the members of the opposite sex. Slouching has the opposite effect, making people think you lack self-confidence and are weak.

If you have not followed the laws of posture, try these tips to help alleviate the damage:

Tip 1

Avoid carrying heavy items on the same side every day, and in general. A rolling bag is best for books and laptops.

Tip 2

Try pilates or yoga. Both can teach you to naturally sit up straight and improve your overall fitness.

Tip 3

When seated, plant your feet on the ground firmly. It will help you maintain balance in general.

Tip 4

Visit a chiropractor to help you assess your body’s alignment and get help in correcting it.

Tip 5

Invest in a healthy chair and bed for sleeping and working. This will help you better access the posture that will create health benefits for the rest of your life.

Don't wait, there is no excuse for you to keep slouching, work on your posture and start living a healthier life!

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