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16 Things You (Maybe) Didn’t Know About Yoga

Question: What’s the big deal about yoga? Answer: How much time do you have? Yes, it’s a good workout, but did you know that the overall wellness benefits of yoga abound for both your mind and body? The yoga practice of focusing energy makes it so much more than just stretching and strength building. Even if you think you know yoga, check out these Yoga facts and keys to understanding the exercise program.

  • Someone who regularly practices and adheres to yoga is called a “yogi.”
  • Yoga reduces stress by setting apart blocks of time to focus solely on poses and goals, which frees a yogi from daily demands and stress.
  • Yoga positively affects chronic health problems including depression, anxiety, pain, and insomnia.
  • Yoga leads to happiness and contentment, because of raised oxygen levels in the brain.
  • Yoga helps those who suffer from sleep disorders, because exercise leads to tiredness and Yoga’s relaxation powers cause even deeper sleeps.
  • Yoga reduces blood pressure.
  • Yoga slows the heart rate, reducing myriad of heart disease problems.
  • Yoga is associated with decreased cholesterol and triglyceride levels
  • Yoga boosts the immune system.
  • Yoga can lead to better memory and learning skills.
  • Yoga can slow the aging process.
  • Yoga can increase self-acceptance.
  • Yoga raises energy levels.
  • Yoga increases spiritual awareness.
  • Yoga stretches and massages internal organs, improving their function and reducing associated disease risks.
  • Yoga encourages awareness of how the entire body functions, leading to quicker self-diagnosis of problems and improved overall care.

With so many benefits to yoga, both physical and spiritual, at least one reason must inspire you to roll out a mat and clear your head. Many gyms and health clubs offer daily yoga classes, and even if you’re stuck at home, there’s no excuse—just pop in a DVD, lower the lights, and start stretching.

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