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Top 10 Fitness Blogs to Bookmark in 2013

Best Fitness Blogs of 2013You may be one of the millions who made a new year’s fitness resolution. You may be one of the millions who has long made fitness a daily goal. Regardless, the support and solidarity available on the web is more prevalent and relevant than ever. Check out our top 10 fitness blogs to bookmark in 2013.

Fit Bottomed Girls

Fit Bottomed Girls is really four blogs in one. Erin, Jenn, Kristin and Tish offer their unique but like-minded views on fitness, including slice-of-life ‘Workout I Did’ segments, healthy recipes and product reviews. A recent MTV Cribs’-like tour of each woman’s home writing space exemplifies what sets the Fit Bottomed Girls apart. It’s fun and personal--like getting support from a friend.

What’s Beyond Heavy?

Dana McMahan in her own words: “I travel, I eat, I write. And I lift things up and put them down.” How pithy. To elaborate, Dana is a food writer turned powerlifter (until an injury derailed that career) turned world traveler and fitness blogger. If that brief bio doesn’t sell you, consider this: each month Dana is chronicling her commitment to trying and learning a new sport (like kayaking or rock climbing) in an effort to find her new fitness passion.

Fitness Black Book

Rusty Moore, who launched Fitness Black Book in 2007, wants to help you get that lean, sexy, muscular ‘Hollywood’ look. The exercises are plentiful and laser specific in their end goal. This is the ultimate site for summer swimsuit readiness.

Mark's Daily Apple

This website has a mascot of sorts. His name is Grok. He’s an ancient hunter and gatherer--lean, ripped, agile--the pinnacle of physical vigor. Yes, it’s a little silly, but Grok represents Mark’s fitness philosophy. We can learn from pre-agricultural man how better to eat, exercise, think and live. His posts are always consistent and always informative: “primal living in the modern world.”

Sweat Science

As the name implies, Sweat Science (written by Scott Hutchinson, a former physicist and national-class runner) is about the laboratory finds in the fitness world. You’ll find the latest studies on all topics related to the science of fitness, ranging from neuroscience to nutrition, More importantly, you’ll learn what the science does (and doesn’t) tell us about how to run faster or live longer.

Fit Mom’s Blog

Rachel is a marathon runner, bike racer, and an avid crossfitter--she’s also the mom of two boys. Certainly there are challenges to remaining a fit parent: lack of time, pregnancy weight gain, constant distraction. While, the blog provides appropriate advice in these areas, the niche is that Rachel preaches having a fit family. Tales of family activities abound, including cross country skiing, cycling and even “flying paper airplanes for hours on end”.

Nerd Fitness

The blog looks like a comic book and references Star Wars, Star Trek, Transformers, video games--pretty much all things nerd. Steve Kamb wants readers, no matter their social predilection, to step away from the computer and make daily progress toward getting in shape.

Well from The New York Times

One of the world’s great news sources provides Well, a full coverage health, wellness and fitness blog from Tara Parker-Pope, a science journalist and author. The fitness section alone features wide ranging posts from “How To Live As Long As An Olympian” to “Why Afternoon May Be The Best Time To Exercise”.

Zen To Fitness

Focused and simple, like the art of Zen, this blog offers weekly fitness posts that take less than five minutes to read. Training blogs are specific, easy to understand and often include videos. Ancillary blogs on nutrition are equally useful. I mean, what’s more Zen than a post entitled “The Importance of Water”?

Bummfuzzled Jane

She’s funny. She’s real. And she’s completely unqualified to write a fitness blog. Meaning, she’s a lot like the rest of us. Her posts are heavy on pontifications and short on specific workout descriptions, but she’s certainly motivational in her rants. She’s also a big fan of those viral ‘postcards’ with a 50’s-esque sketch of a man or a woman and a quippy quote like: “Oh you hate your job? Why didn’t you say so? There’s a support groups for that. It’s called EVERYBODY, and they meet at the bar.”

Here’s to hoping a few minutes daily reading one of our favorite blogs will get (or keep) you motivated to be fit and healthy in 2013.

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