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5 Best Pillows for Your Body

Pillows aren’t just those things that you rest your head on to get a good night’s sleep; they can be utilized to relax on when pregnant, comfort an aching back or neck, prop up a hurt ankle, and much more!  Deciding on the best pillows for your body’s needs can be as simple as reading on for different styles of useful pillows:

1. Lower Back Pillow

Lower back pillows between the seat and the waist can help to reduce the chance of back strain, ache, leg pain, or tension.  This handy pillow is great for when you have to sit for a long length of time, such as during a road trip or while at work if you have a desk job.

2. Neck Pillows

For those who travel often or suffer from cervical conditions, there are many types of neck pillows that will allow you to experience comfort and the correct alignment. The c-shaped pillows can be put around your neck while on a long flight and allows you to sit up while being able to go to sleep without prompting a crook in your neck or muscle aches.

3. Full Body Pillows

These full length pillows support and align your body correctly while you sleep so that there is less chance of pain and body aches in the morning.  Pregnant women especially love the comforting plushness of the pillow.  One that wraps around the body such as the above photo will allow for sustained support even if someone turns over during the night.

4. Memory Foam Pillows

Nothing feels more customized than a memory foam pillow!  It contours to your specific measurements and weight, making sleep a truly luxurious experience.

5. Donut Pillows

These pillows look like their namesake and ease the discomfort of those who suffer from tailbone injuries.  The whole in the middle helps to keep pressure on the tailbone away so that there isn’t any pain.

Your body will often times tell you its needs and you simply have to pay attention.  These various pillows will have you on the road to ache-free days and comfortable nights!

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