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Pros and Cons of Sugar in Your Diet

Have you ever heard the saying, “Too much of anything isn’t good for you”? Well when it comes to sugar, too much is really not good for you. Studies have shown the extremely dangerous effects of high intakes of sugar. Below is a list of some of these effects you should worry about.

Note: When considering a healthy amount of calories one should consume daily, measure your carbohydrate intake. When carbohydrates travel the bloodstream, they turn directly into sugar. As a result, your carbohydrate levels are your sugar levels.

1. Tooth Decay

Perhaps we should begin with the most typical issue regarding the intake of sugar. Tooth decay begins with the consumption of sugar. Bacteria living in plaque thrive on the sugar that we eat. The waste that they produce is released in the form of acid that destroys enamel and dentin forming cavities.

2. Diabetes

Studies have shown that sugar causes an increase of insulin in the bloodstream. Because insulin is the hormone that enables us to use glucose for energy, one might view this as a benefit. However, this is when the “too much is not good” concept comes into play: when too much sugar is imbibed, the blood cells’ sensitivity to insulin depletes. Consequently, blood cells are unable to effectively utilize glucose resulting in the accumulation of blood in those cells. This condition is referred to as Type 2 Diabetes. This is why it is so important to be weary of sugar over-consumption.

3. Triglycerides (aka getting fat)

It is commonly discussed that sugar has one of the most substantial effects on people leading to access weight and obese. Triglycerides are fat materials that emerge in the body when one eats more than what is necessary to fuel the body. These particles are often stored in the waist area and cling to your artery walls. The connection between Triglycerides and sugar is not undeniably proven, but major studies have shown that sugar boosts blood triglycerides higher than other carbohydrates.

4. Weakened Immune System

We all know that Vitamin C fights off harmful bacteria, but what you might not know is that glucose and Vitamin C compete for the occupation of your white blood cells. So, the more glucose in your system, the harder it will be Vitamin C to do its job and the weaker your immune system will be.

But sugar should not be avoided altogether, since it’s crucial in generating energy in human body. With the help of oxygen, sugar is converted into energy during digestion. Many healthy foods naturally contain the substance. Take an apple for example. A 125-gram apple contains 13 grams of sugar. The main difference between apple sugar and cookie sugar is that one is naturally occurring, and the other is refined and processes, so as a rule of thumb, if you have a sweet tooth, forget cookies and opt for a delicious fruit instead.

It’s no mystery: the key to good physical health is a balanced diet and exercise. But as long as you consistently eat healthy, you are free to feast on a banana split from time to time.

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