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4 Pain Management Alternatives to Prescription Drugs

Prescription drugs: The potential for their abuse and addiction is high. If you need to manage bodily pain and are concerned about pharmaceutical toxins or liver damage, then prescription drugs can be last in a chain of available pain treatment options. Fibromyalgia, nerve damage, arthritis, headaches, diabetes, and chronic back pain can all benefit from alternative therapies. It is best to consult your physician when planning new physical activities and exercises. Importantly, be aware of your own body’s limits. If it hurts, then stop immediately.

Ancient Chinese medicine has given us acupuncture. The ancient healing practice is well-documented and practiced by skilled acupuncturists. You may not always feel an acupuncture needle being inserted, especially if your practitioner is extremely gentle. Many people come to love the feeling of a needle stimulating a particular point—those pain points need attention, and acupuncture delivers.

Slow stretching movements can help realign your spinal column and pelvis, strengthen your hands and feet, and promote strong blood circulation. Yoga always incorporates steady breathing techniques, which help to calm the mind. Yes, there is a meditative quality to the calm, intentional movements offered by yoga. These can help to soothe the nervous system.

Light massage can relax the muscles and ease the agile brain. Relaxation is key to solving pain caused by sore muscles, chronic back pain, stress, and drug addiction withdrawals. The simple act of human touch is a powerful conduit of healing energy. Skin stimulation is an excellent and proven mood elevator.

Sometimes pain management means pampering yourself. Spend 15–20 minutes in a warm or hot spa, Jacuzzi, bath or steam room. This can relax your muscles and your mind. Heath applied to certain pain spots can be soothing. This is especially good for lower back pain and sore feet. Do not use the spa if you have open sores or wounds, or high blood pressure.

See if you can reduce the amount of prescription pills you put in your mouth with any of these gentle pain management techniques. Above all, believe you want to be a healthy person.

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