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5 Benefits of a Good Night’s Rest

benefits of sleepingThe elusive ‘good night’s sleep’ is something we all long for. But, of course, life often gets in the way. Work, kids, booze and caffeine can be brutal enemies of the sandman. While you may know the reason for your lack of sleep, you might not know what you’re robbing yourself of. Here are five benefits of a good night’s sleep.

You’ll stay skinny.

The weight loss industry is a HUGE money-maker. But what if staying slim was as simple as sleeping well? Meet leptin and ghrelin--hormones that regulate your appetite and, more importantly, hormones disrupted by lack of sleep. That means if you don’t get enough shut-eye, you’ll be reaching for extra snacks all day long and increasing your waistline.

You’ll be less stressed.

When you don’t get enough sleep, your body goes on the defensive. In other words, you’re physically stressed. A body under stress means higher blood pressure which eventually can lead to heart attacks and strokes. In a cruel twist of fate, that stress can also make it harder to sleep. Exercise and various relaxation techniques are stress-busters that can help you rest.

You'll look more attractive

Beauty sleep is no myth. In 2010, the British Medical Journal published a study in which they photographed people in two different states: sleep deprived and well-rested. A large public panel reviewed the photos and overwhelmingly rated the well-rested more attractive. That shouldn’t come as a surprise; we’ve all looked in the mirror after a short night’s sleep and been less than happy with what we see. The good news? Your skin recovers quickly. So, get some rest tonight, and you’ll see the results tomorrow.

You'll be a winner

If you’re an athlete--even just a weekend warrior--sleep is hugely important. While you’re resting, muscle tissue that you’ve broken down through exercise is rebuilt even stronger. So, get up early and pump that iron, but get to bed early too and your body will thank you for it.

You'll remember things clearly

While your body is resting, your brain is doing anything but. Something called ‘memory consolidation’ happens while you sleep. In other words, your mind is processing memories and making links between events that will help you recollect all you’ve learned and experienced throughout the day. Take something like learning a foreign language. Researchers have found that language learners who get plenty of sleep have greater success. In a way, you’ll be involuntarily ‘practicing’ the language in slumber. Talk about multitasking!

‘I’ll sleep when I’m dead’ say the perpetually tired and always busy. Well, a good night’s sleep is definitely not a waste of time. It makes the awake parts of life that much better.

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