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Taking Care Of Your Back

Your back enables you to do many of the activities and motions that you need to do to function daily. It is very important that you take certain precautions and steps to ensure that your back remains healthy and strong. But, the good thing is that it's relatively easy to properly care for your back. If you have suffered any injuries to your back, then it's even more important to take steps to bring your back "back" to it's optimal functional state.

Routine Back Care
While regular visits to your chiropractor might not be practically or financially feasible, there are many things that you can incorporate into your daily routine that will help you take care of your back.

Yes, your mother was right...again. Sitting up straight and maintaining good posture while standing are two effective and inexpensive ways to strengthen and protect your back. The elongation of the spine helps you to maintain your balance, when you slouch then other muscles have to help which can cause back pain, headaches and more. So, while you're sitting at your desk at work, sit straight up with your chest pushed upward to help you maintain proper seated posture. While standing, make sure your feet are planted flat on the ground and lift your shoulders and straighten your spine.

Don't Light Up
Most people know that smoking causes problems, but many don't know that lighting up that cigarette is bad for your back as well. Because smoking depletes the oxygen in your blood, it deprives your muscles, and spine. A lack of oxygen can cause back and spine issues later on.

Sleep well & Don't Stress Out
Sleep rejuvenates your mind and spirit, but it also does wonders for your back. But, the way you sleep can cause you back problems if you're not careful. Having the right mattress and head and neck support while sleeping can prevent back pain in the morning. Beds that are too soft cause your spine to curve awkwardly in sleep, putting pressure on the discs and spinal cord and bunching up a flat pillow can strain your neck. Make sure you have a relatively firm mattress and make sure that your pillow supports your head in alignment with your neck during sleep. Stress also plays a detrimental role in the health of your back. Stress causes consistent contraction of muscles around your back and neck that can lead to back pain. Getting enough sleep, exercise and managing job, family and other stressors can do wonders for your back.

If You've Suffered a Back Injury
If you have undergone a back injury or trauma to your back, it is important to seek professional care. Stop normal physical activity, avoid lifting and apply hot or cold packs to the area as need be. Make sure that you continue to follow up with your health care provider so that a back injury doesn't progress into something more serious.

Other Factors That Affect Your Back
Your weight and diet can also affect your back. It is important to maintain a healthy weight so that your back doesn't have to work double time. Maintaining a healthy diet and getting enough exercise will help you to keep your back strong.


Nisha has been writing about injury advice for the last few years now. She enjoys reading health and news articles from http://www.injuryadvicelawyers.co.uk and other similar resources.


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