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10 Tips for Sticking to your New Diet

Starting a new diet? Congratulations! Now you just need to stick to it, right? Sure, that's the hard part . . . but you can make it a lot easier by following some simple strategies. Here are ten tips to sticking to your new diet:

The right diet. Before even attempting a diet, do your research and choose a meal plan that works for you. To commit to a diet that goes against your constitution is to set yourself up for failure.

The right mindset. Diet is a four-letter word. Drop the "D" word and instead think of your new eating plan as a healthy lifestyle change - a lifestyle change that will open a whole new world to you.

Inspire yourself. Before you start your diet, create an inspiration board of quotes, pictures, reasons you want to diet and anything else that you can turn to for inspiration when you're facing a diet rut.

Cheat. One of the most important things you can do to ensure your dieting success is to give yourself a cheat day. Not only is this a great reprieve from the discipline of dieting all week, but it is also necessary to keeping your body's metabolism up. If you don't take one day to eat whatever you want, your body will go into starvation mode and work against your efforts to lose weight.

Record your progress. Keep a simple daily chart and mark it with something positive (a smiley-face or star, for example) every day that you follow through with your plan. Seeing those symbols stack up is proof of your determination, and a great motivation to keep going.

Meal prep. Do your grocery shopping once a week and prepare whatever meals you can in advance. When you have everything you need on hand, then you will be less likely to make choices that don't fit into your diet "just because" you don't have time to shop.

Team up. Choose a reliable partner who has similar weight-loss goals to yours and commit to reporting to each other on a regular basis.

Clean out your kitchen. Go through your refrigerator and cabinets and throw out everything that doesn't fit into your new diet.

Watch where you eat. When you eat in front of the television or at your work desk, it is easy to focus on anything other than how much you are eating. Avoid the slip-up of overeating by sitting down at a designated eating area during meal time, so that you are conscious of how long and how much you eat.

Pay attention. Your body will tell you when it's hungry. If you learn to listen to your body's signals, then you will realize the difference between comfort eating and hunger eating.

You can stick to your new diet. It will just take some consideration and preparation. Ensure your best chances by using these tips.


About the Author: Loria Louise recently dropped 76 pounds and has never felt better. She's now in a phlebotomist training program and feels healthy enough to pursue a lively career in healthcare!

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