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Tai chi exercises may be important for seniors

People are living much longer these days, and by and large, this is a positive development. However, for some it means they will likely be living for many years in poor health. An aging population is likely to be a less healthy one. For this reason, it is important for seniors to understand the benefits of tai chi exercises and to consider participating in a class.

Physical exercise is critical for maintaining good overall health, but many older individuals are unable to engage in vigorous physical activity. This may make most traditional types of exercise exceedingly difficult for them. For those who struggle with jogging or lifting weights, tai chi may be just the thing they need to get fit without straining themselves.

Cheryl Mildon, a tai chi student in Twin Falls, Idaho, told local news station KMVT that she was aware she needed to do more to increase her fitness levels. But at this stage of her life she has become less physically fit and poor health makes it difficult for her to engage in intense workouts. She has since benefitted from joining a local tai chi class.

"I have quite a few disabilities, and I'm able to do this, which has been really nice," she told the news source. "It gets me up and moving and out of the house, and it's very relaxing"

Other students in Mildon's class reported major gains in their overall health. Improved balance was one of the primary benefits several students claimed resulted from their participation in the program.

Improved balance is one of the most important benefits associated with tai chi. It is an area of health that often deteriorates rapidly with age, which is one of the leading causes of hospitalizations, loss of mobility and death. It is critical for seniors to find ways to maintain their sense of balance as they get older.

The benefits of tai chi do not stop there. Aside from the physical health improvements practitioners may see, there is also a strong mental component to the exercise. This may enable seniors to overcome the stress and anxiety they may feel about their overall physical health and allow them to pursue more rewarding lives.

While tai chi exercises can benefit just about anyone, they may be a perfect match for many of the issues faced by those in the latter stages of their lives.

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