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5 Worst Diets

When it comes to get slim fast diets, take them with a grain of salt (figuratively speaking).  Generally, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is!  Losing and KEEPING weight off takes commitment and planning, so anything that promises 40 lbs gone in a matter of weeks is probably feeding you a load of bologna!  The public likes quick fixes but these types of diets usually only end up with more weight gained and unhealthy eating habits formed.  Here are some of the worse offenders:

1. One food only diets.

Cabbage diets, grapefruit diets, etc are a way to lose weight quickly but does it stay off?  Your body needs a variety of foods for nutritional value and you are more apt to get bored with it and give in to your cravings if you are only consuming one type of food.  Honestly, how long can you survive by eating only one food?  That will last for a week, tops, before you want to throw that food out of the window and maybe yourself along with it.

2. Raw foods only vegetarian diet.

Upping vegetable and fruit intake is certainly important and a good thing, especially in its raw state which keeps it packed with nutrients, but cutting out good fats, proteins, and all carbs could have bad long term effects. Your body needs protein to keep the muscles working, brain functioning, and for fuel, so why on earth would you cut that out completely?


3. Miracle juice or supplement diets.

Have you heard of diets where you can eat all that you want but as long as you add whatever miracle product is being touted (grapefruit juice, apple cider vinegar, green tea, etc), you’ll lose weight in no time?  Those are all good things to add to your diet, but they certainly won’t let you eat chocolate cake all day every day and lose 40 pounds by drinking a bit of juice with it.  Some foods or drinks do speed up the metabolism, but they work best with a balanced diet.

4. The tapeworm diet.

Whoever thought of this one was one sick person!  It was super popular back in the early 1900’s, but so was heroine and cocaine as medicine so those were truly crazy times and it’s a miracle that anyone survived!  Basically, you ingest tapeworm eggs and let them eat what you eat and help you to lose weight, which could be accomplished by just starving yourself anyway as that is what you are doing!  Most people are trying to keep parasites and bugs out of their system, not put them in.

5. The junkfood diet (twinkie diet, bacon diet, the hollywood cookie diet, etc).

these diets just consider calorie count and say that as long as your caloric intake stays below a certain number, then you should lose weight.  Clearly you won’t be getting vital nutrients though and this diet is unsustainable for the long term.  Sure, you may eat 3 twinkies throughout the day and lose weight, but you are simply starving your system and are bound to become sick.

If it sounds too good to be true, think about it hard before starting a new diet!  Smart weight loss is key for weight that won’t come back and plague you indefinitely.  Get slim quick schemes are usually ways that won’t have any good long term effects and you’ll find yourself looking for the next fix shortly; instead, create a sound meal plan and workout regimen and get those pounds off the right way!


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