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6 (non-creepy) Types of Self-Massage To Do at Work

Work can often be a stressful activity and lessen our productivity throughout the day. Wouldn’t it be nice if we all had a personal masseuse to knead the kinks and help us relax? Well we do, ourselves! There are a number of tricks for stress relief that we can execute with our own two hands right in the office. Here are six amazing tips that will not only boost your mental energy but will leave your body in utter peace.

Pitter Patter

Ball up your hands into fists and gently bump your arms and legs. Work from the top of the limb to the bottom. When you’re done, move on to the torso. Repeat the same bumping action, only this time, go from bottom to top. Pitter-pattering the body will increase blood flow and help you to relax. This is a great massage to do when you wake up in the morning because it will energize you and kick start your day.

Belly Rub

Most of us do this anyway, but when you have finished your meal, give yourself a belly rub. Open your palms wide and rub in a clockwise motion. This will help you to digest your food and save energy.

Hand Massage

Massage your hands with lotion. Begin by kneading the muscles at the bottom of your palm with your opposite thumb. Then move to the big muscle where your thumb connects, but be gentle here (this area should be particularly satisfying to massage). After that target the middle of your palm. And to finish it off, give a gentle pinch to all the webbings in your fingers.


Another great way to relieve stress is to target your feet. All you need for this massage is a tennis ball. Take your shoe off and place the ball under the arch of your foot. Apply pressure and roll it around to help stretch out those muscles. Then, move the ball to your heels continuing that circular motion. Last but not least, place the ball under your toes and roll the ball side to side.

Neck Knead

Use your hands to massage the back of your neck. Gently knead those muscles on either side of the spinal column with the heels of your hands. One at a time, rub the muscles on both sides of the neck just below the skull (just in back of your jaw) with your fingers. When massaging the left side, use your right hand and visa versa. This should feel like you are on cloud nine.

Face Time

Another way to relieve stress is to concentrate on certain areas of the face. Start at the bridge of your nose. Use your index fingers to press slowly across your brow line. Repeat this step about ten times. Then, move to you temples. With both your index and middle finger, execute a clockwise circular motion (this one is great for head aches too). Lastly, find the muscles at the corners of your jaw and give them a firm rub down.

Practice these non-creepy self-massage techniques and you will see your energy levels rise (along with your productivity).

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