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Dr. Backs has taken a lot of time since the last blog post, to get our readers ready for an interview with an icon in the fitness world. This gentleman has developed a program that will build muscle while burning fat. It’s called Turbulence Training.

Let’s face it; everyone wants to be healthy. What if you can completely control how the inside of your body is working, and at the same time, control the way the outside of your body looks. What if I told you that there is an answer we have been looking for. That answer lies within, and only takes motivation. In fact, most feel it necessary to work out every day, or at least alternate between cardio and weight-bearing exercises. Most feel that dieting and skipping meals will lead to less fat intake, thus the consumption of fewer calories. Wrong. Wrong. Wrong.

After years of research; after trial and error; after one of the most interesting interviews with a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, and the creator of Turbulence Training, there is now an answer that may shed some light to fat-burning and interval training. Craig Ballantyne has been featured in Men's Health, Women's Health, Prevention, Oxygen, Men's Fitness, and Shape magazines.

Although he has no comments or suggestions about incorporating herbs, supplements or Chinese Medicine to a specific program, he gives us valuable advice on food intake, physical challenges, the types of people who respond best, the difference between weight bearing and turbulence training and most importantly, the “genetic excuse”.

> Q: A lot of our patients and readers are people, who for health reasons,
can’t be as active as they wish. What fitness advice do you have for
someone who has become sedentary due to health problems and is trying to
maintain his/her fitness level? Maybe some specific exercises to get them

Beginners will be shocked to find out how effective my workouts can be -
even though they can do almost all of these exercises lying on the floor.

I start beginners with this circuit in the Turbulence Training program:

Plank, side plank, bird dog, lying hip extension, kneeling pushup, stickup.

> Q: With your plan, what is the ideal body type that would respond

It's really the ideal fitness type...anyone who has just been coasting is
going to get amazing results with Turbulence Training. That said, the more
bodyfat you have, the greater the response.

> Q: A lot of our readers and patients who are trying to lose weight,
concentrate on losing fat first and foremost. Is this a good strategy or
should there be a different priority when trying to shed pounds?

This is correct, unless I've misunderstood the question.

Focus on nutrition, interval training, and metabolic resistance training.
Use the nutrition and interval training to burn the fat fast, and then use
the resistance training to burn more fat and sculpt your muscles.

> Q: How does stretching before and after exercise enhance performance, and
could you provide some tips on how to perform these stretches properly?

I wouldn't say it enhances performance, but it could help you avoid long-
term overuse injury from chronic muscle tightness.

> Q: Your program has some great body-weight exercises, do you consider
such exercises to be easier on the joints than traditional weight exercises?
If so why or why not?

In general, yes. First off, there is less resistance, so it is less stress
on the joints. Also, many weight exercises load the body in a way that can
cause overuse over time - ie. the bench press - when compared to a pushup.
However, weight exercises are still helpful for building strength, muscle,
and fitness.

> Q: When it comes to weight loss, could you please give our readers an
introduction into what types of foods your program recommends? Does this
approach apply to muscle gain programs or do you recommend something
different for that purpose?

I recommend whole, natural foods, and I recommend avoiding processed foods
from a bag or a box. Get at least 10 servings of fruits and vegetables per
day, and snack on raw nuts between meals, rather than giant muffins from
starbucks. And yes, this applies to building muscle as well, although you
will just need to eat more.

> Q: How is turbulence training different from traditional weight training,
cross fitness training or push and pull training?

Turbulence Training uses non-competing supersets - which is different from
traditional weight lifting where you go in and rest a long time between
sets. It also uses interval training after the supersets, which sets it
apart from traditional cross fitness.

>Q: What type of people are a “good fit” for turbulence program?

Anyone that wants to lose fat, because Turbulence Training has programs set
up for absolute beginners and even the most advanced fitness levels.

> Q: What are some of the physical challenges that one will encounter
during turbulence training?

It will test your endurance, your strength, and your co-ordination. But
again, each workout is set up for different fitness levels, so all folks can
find one appropriate for them.

> Q: When researching your program, I noticed that you don’t talk much
about yoga or meditation. What are your thoughts on yoga?

Yoga is fine if you like to do it.

> Q: This may be a little bit out there, have you ever incorporated herbs,
supplements or Chinese Medicine to a specific program or have you ever tried
them yourself? If yes, please tell us about your experiences. If not, please
tell us why?

No, sorry. No comment here.

> Q: A lot of our readers tell us they are afraid of starting a fitness
program because they come from “heavyset” families and think that their
genes would prevent them from getting results. Do you agree with that or
not? And why?

No, I don't agree with it, because there are too many success stories from
all walks of life to prove them wrong.

> Q: Since you started the turbulence training movement, what has been your
biggest achievement?

Helping millions of people through my articles in Men's Health, Women's
Health, Prevention, Oxygen, Men's Fitness, and Shape magazines.
Please join us next week for an interview with Dr. Mary Ann Bender. Dr. Bender is a podiatrist who will be giving tips for healthier feet! This interview will be live, so don’t miss it. You can always follow us on twitter for up-to-date information, special events and exciting interviews!

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